The Outdoor Adventure Club

Join the family and explore!

From the sea, to the high peaks of Southern California, the Outdoor Adventure Club exposes our students to the wonderful natural settings in and around Los Angeles.  All ESP students and family members are welcomed. These adventures normally take place on the weekends and all current and former ESP family members are welcomed. These trips are mostly Non-Sponsored School trips, which means they are trips among family and friends with no district involvement.  Teachers volunteer their time and transport students to these amazing locations with the permission of their parents. Teachers and ESP family members then supervise and lead all Outdoor Adventure trips. All risks and liability are those of our Parents and no student is allowed to go until all appropriate paperwork has been completed and turn in. 


Outdoor Adventure Photo Gallery

Beach Trip Sept. 2014


Devil's Punchbowl 2015


Vasquez Rocks Oct. 2018


Future Trip Coming Soon


Future Trip Coming Soon


Future Trip Coming Soon