ESP's Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions not answered, please ensure to contact us via email or simply call us!

Q.  Are ESP Magnet students Lincoln students?

A.  Yes, all ESP Magnet students are Lincoln students and will belong to the Tiger family.

Q.  Is ESP Magnet seperate from Lincoln High School?

A.  No, ESP Magnet is not seperate, but instead, one of several academic programs offered at Lincoln High School.

Q.  Is ESP Magnet the only Magnet program at Lincoln?

A.  No, There are two Magnet Programs at Lincoln High School, ESP Magnet and MST Magnet.

Q.  Do ESP Magnet students take classes offered by the MST Magnet program?

A.  Yes, students in BOTH magnet programs take classes offered by both magnets.

Q.  Do magnet students take non-magnet classes at Lincoln?

A.  Yes, with the high number of AP classes along with honor and elective courses offered, ALL STUDENTS are allowed to take any class they wish to take within their 4 years at Lincoln High School.

Q.  Do all ESP students have to pursue the environmental pathway?

A.  No, but all ESP students will be required to be exposed to the environmental pathway. 

Q.  Can ESP students study other pathways at Lincoln?

A.  Yes, ESP students can study ANY pathway offered at Lincoln High School, from the arts, to engineering.

Q.  Can ESP students play sports?

A.  Yes, all ESP students are Lincoln students, which means they can play any sport and join any club.

Q.  How do I join the ESP Magnet program?

A.  To join ESP Magnet, you must do 1 of 3 things.   1. apply and enroll through the e-Choice magnet portal.  2. Or, stop by the ESP Main office in the 5oo building (2nd. Floor) and fill out a paper application.   3. Or, fill out our enrollment application by clicking on the ENROLL ONLINE Link below.  Will then reach out to you and help you through the enrollment process. 

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