The Academics

Programs For Both Gifted And Non-Gifted Students


ESP’s academic program is designed to prepare students for admissions to a four-year college/university or a highly skilled career. Every student here at ESP is automatically placed into our college/university preparedness program where students are given the opportunity to meet or exceed the A-G requirements. All students at ESP also exceed both the math and science requirements for all universities, the district, and the state of California by completing four to five years of math and/or science. This type of rigorous academic expectation from all our students helps to better prepare any student for a field in engineering, medicine, or science.  At Lincoln ESP, we also work hard in bringing in new partners to further help our students better prepare for their academic career and/or life after high school. 

Here at ESP we also work hard at creating students who are problem solvers and who can think globally and act locally to help increase social justice and environmental sustainability.  We require our students to be active participants throughout their education here at ESP through project base learning, hands on projects, and student presentation. 

Below is a list of all of the academic courses offered at ESP Magnet Lincoln High School along with all of the learning pathways. 

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All A-G, AP & Honor Courses, Electives, & Career Pathways

Academic Opportunities

  • 20 + Advance Placement Courses
  • 16 Honor Courses
  • 60 + Elective Courses
  • Engineering  & Architecture Pathway (Includes Robotics)
  • Arts Pathway
  • Media & Entertainment Pathway (Includes Video Production)
  • Business & Finance Pathway
  • Agriculture & Natural Resources Pathway (Environmental)
  • Medical Partnership with USC
  • After school college courses on campus through a partnership with East Los Angeles Community College

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Lincoln High Scool At A Glance

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Career Pathways & Programs

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The Arts At Lincoln High School

This great 4 minute video showcases the Art's Program at Lincoln High School. If you love the arts and would like to pursue a career in it, then this program is for you!

The Engineering, Architecture, & Robotics Program

This great 2 minute video introduces the Engineering, Architecture, and Robotics program at Lincoln High School. For any student looking into a career in Engineering, then this program is for you.